Opening Quality Doors Since 1977

It all began in a small welding shop with a reputation for excellence. When a customer asked for a simple bi-fold door, we produced it. Word quickly spread about the quality work done by a local family. As more and more people stopped by to get a price on a door of their own, a company was born. And with it re-awakened a spirit of inventiveness that goes back generations and continues into the future.

  • 1977: Our first door was manufactured as a special order
  • 1986: Higher clearance bi-fold door patented
  • 1989: Auto latching system patented
  • 2003: Single location locking system patented
  • 2007: Hydraulic bi-fold door opener patented
  • 2010: Single panel door sensing package patent pending

Whatever your hydraulic door needs, we’ve got the resources to match your specs.

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