Hi-Fold Hangar Doors

With Hi-Fold, you get a quality product, engineered from the ground up to give you the performance you demand and the personal service you need. The result is a common sense solution, custom built for your application.

From garage brainstorming session to worldwide distributor, Hi-Fold has always been about the business of protecting your agricultural, aviation and commercial investments.


Custom built aircraft electric and hydraulic hangar doors with precise functionality.

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We’ll design your agricultural door with the highest clearance and quality.

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When you need strength, durability and function, look no further than Hi-Fold.

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Quality Engineering

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    Hydraulic Operator Option

    Get the speed and power only a hydraulic operator can offer. A two horsepower electric motor runs a hydraulic pump and supplies pressure to a hydraulic wheel motor. System comes complete with a safety brake to lock door in position in the event of hydraulic pressure loss. System is shipped fully assembled, wired, plumbed and tested. Maintenance free operation in all climates.

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    Welded Steel Frame

    Hi-Fold Door panels are built with double, rectangular, structural-steel tubes at the center hinge line (2″ x 4″ on doors to 46’ wide; 2″ x 6″ on wider doors) and 1 1/2″ or 2″ square structural-steel tubing, depending on door size, for the remainder of the frame. Doors over 46’ wide are made in two sections that bolt together through super-strong, 1/2″ steel butt-plate joints. Strong mounting hinges (4,5,7 or 9, depending on door width) are welded to the top rail.

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    Pully-Free Design

    Hi-Fold Doors are delivered completely rigged. 7/32″ lift cables with a 5 to 1 safety factor are secured to top rail of the door and wrap around large diameter drums on the full-width drive shaft as the door rises. Cable guards cover the lift drums to protect people, clothing, and pets. Lift cable “poppers” (inset photo) automatically push the center hinge away from the building as the door rises.

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    Automatic Jamb Latches

    Patented automatic, “knee-action” jamb latches release the Hi-Fold Door when opening, and grab latching hardware on your building when closing, to pull it tight against the jambs. An optional full-width safety edge reverses the door if an obstacle is encountered. Automatic cane-bolt, on doors over 40′ wide, secures and releases the door at the floor. Optional radio control lets you operate the door from outside your building. Optional remote antenna increases transmitter range.

Engineering Components

View more of the quality Engineering Components that make up our products!

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No-Nonsense Warranty

Our comprehensive 3-year warranty covers every part — without hidden exclusions or surprises. Satisfaction guaranteed.