Bi-Fold Doors

Higher Clearance Bi-Fold Doors for Hangars

Our strong, rugged bi-fold hangar doors provide 12-24 inches more door opening clearance than any other bi-fold on the market. So you’ll have more room for your equipment, and less construction expense.

Spec Sheets

  • Double-Strength Center Hinge

    Double-strength center hinge design eliminates sagging

  • Patented Auxiliary Arms

    Patented auxiliary arms allow higher opening clearance and lower mount points

  • Strong Welded Steel Frame

    Strong, welded steel frame and trusses withstand high winds and maximize the life of your door

  • Sun & Rain Protection

    Open door provides a canopy to protect against sun and rain

  • Sturdy Jamb Latch & Seal

    When closed, the sturdy jamb latch and rugged bottom seal keep intruders and extreme weather out


Fixed Door Mounting Heights

For fixed door mounting heights, as on existing buildings, the Hi-Fold Door provides you with 12” to 24” more door opening clearance than is possible with standard bi-folds.

Required Clear Opening

For required clear openings, Hi-Fold Doors open to within 10” to 28” of the hinge mounting line, providing clearance without increasing building height, as required with standard bi-folds.

Fixed Door Mounting HeightsFixed Door Mounting Heights

Save Money on Retrofit or New Construction!

With Hi-Fold Doors, you can replace worn-out sliding and overhead doors or add a door to an existing building without sacrificing door opening clearance or changing the roofline. Save material, labor AND mounting clearance on new buildings!

High-clearance Hi-Fold Doors enable you to trim new building costs in four important ways:

  • Column lengths can be shorter
  • Less skin is required
  • Fewer fasteners are needed
  • Your crew’s work time is reduced


  • Safety edge and photo eye
  • Automatic locking and unlocking
  • Remote operation and transmitters
  • Walk Doors and Windows
  • Patented high-speed hydraulic drive

Hi-Fold Bi-Fold Doors

Our comprehensive 3-year warranty covers every part — without hidden exclusions or surprises. Satisfaction guaranteed.