Optional Automatic Jamb Latches


Automatic Locking Keeps Your Investments Safe and Protected

At Hi-Fold we continually work to improve upon what already works well! Our patented automatic jamb latches (U.S. Patent No. 5,343,923) have successfully provided Hi-Fold Door the distinction of having the highest clearance bi-fold door on the market for several years. The next generation of automatic jamb latches uses an electric winch attached to aircraft grade cables and strategically placed pulleys. Once the Hi-Fold door is closed, a winch engages to wind the cable, latch arms reach out, grab latching hardware installed on the building, and pull the door securely closed. As a result, the bi-fold door is pulled tight against the jambs. The automatic jamb latches release the bi-fold door when opening. Radio control and remote antenna come standard with the next generation automatic latch system.

An automatic floor pin, on doors over 40′ wide, secures and releases the door at the floor.

An optional full-width safety edge or photo eye reverses the door if an obstacle is encountered.

Conversion kits are available to easily convert a single-location hand crank system to automatic locking with remote control.

 Automatic jamb latches optional