Heavy Duty Cylinders for Power and Safety


Custom-Built for the Performance You Expect

When we set out to build our single-panel hydraulic door, we wanted to be certain we would provide our customers with the performance they are accustomed to. Our hydraulic cylinders are custom-made specifically for our No-Fold doors. The cylinders are industrial quality 3000 psi welded steel, with 3″ bore 2 1/4″ rod. Large diameter rods eliminate bowing and flexing when fully extended. Our cylinders have high-quality seals for longer life and better performance. Further, counterbalance safety valves ensure the door can’t free fall in the event of sudden pressure loss.

Our No-Fold doors are powered by a 3-5 horsepower oil submerged motor, with full flow pressurized oil filtration.

Optional Hydraulic Door Control Module, also known as our Sensing Package, seamlessly integrates with our custom cylinders to synchronize both cylinders constantly within 1/4 inch of stroke. The result is a smooth, synchronized motion that eliminates twisting and warping, and places less stress on buildings and jambs. The Sensing Package also includes 5 user-selectable door speeds to fully customize your single-panel hydraulic door.

 No-Fold Large Cylinder