Revolutionary Hydraulic Door Control Module


(U.S. Patent No. 8,327,586, 8,800,208)

Sensing Package Puts Less Shock on Your System and More Control in Your Hands

Our revolutionary, patented Door Control Module (DCM) gently increases or decreases oil flow to the hydraulic door cylinders. The DCM is seamlessly integrated within the hydraulic circuitry allowing a performance so powerful that it synchronizes both cylinders constantly within 1/4 inch of stroke! The result is a smooth, synchronized motion that eliminates twisting and warping, and places less stress on hangars, buildings, and jambs. The fully adjustable upper limit travel of the No-Fold door minimizes shock as the door comes to its fully open position. The factory-tuned internal hydraulic metering system eliminates the need for external flow control and seasonal adjustments. The DCM also automatically adjusts to reduce the effects of thermal expansion. Further, there are 5 user-selectable door speeds that allow you to program your No-Fold door to meet your individual needs.


Door Control Module - Sensing Package