Convenient ‘Open-Close-Stop’ Push-Button Control


Push-Button Remote Control Allows Maximum Convenience and Flexibility

Our 24-volt remote control system mounts at any handy location inside the building, near the bi-fold door. The remote control unit normally does not require conduit (depending on local codes), which allows pre-wiring and flexible cable on the building frame. The bi-fold door can be stopped and started at any point of travel. For safety, the operator must push the “stop” button before changing the door direction. The electric brake is standard.

The remote control comes factory-wired for 110-volts on 1 hp doors and 220-volts on 1.5 hp and 2 hp doors.

Our single-panel hydraulic door utilizes a NEMA type 1 “Up-Down” push-button control wired 24 volts. Constant pressure is required for door travel. Up/Down limits are factory set via internal hydraulic cylinder stops.

Radio remote control can be added as an option. Radio remote control allows the door to be opened, stopped and closed, or any combination, from a remote location. The radio remote control option does require automatic jamb latches on the bi-fold doors.

Remote antenna for radio control receiver can be added as an additional option to increase the range of the radio control transmitter. The remote antenna can be installed outside the building.


Convenient push-button control