Single Location Crank Latch


(U.S. Patent No. 6,547,292)

One Hand Crank to Latch the Entire Door

Our patented, single location hand crank system is mounted on our bi-fold door, inside of the building. These self-adjusting latches tightly draw in and secure the bi-fold door against jambs with the turn of a crank. The single location eliminates the need to walk to each side of the door to lock/unlock the door. If locks are not fully released prior to operation, an electrical interrupt is supplied to guard against damage.

Automatic Jamb Latch and radio remote control upgrade is available. This upgrade option replaces the hand crank with a small winch motor and push-button control. A conversion kit is available for doors with existing single location hand crank latches.

 Single location crank latch (patent pending)