Welded-Steel Trusses Withstand High Winds


High-Wind Speeds are No Match for Our Welded-Steel Trusses

All of our bi-fold doors receive one to three inside trusses. These trusses can range from 6 1/2″ to 12″ deep, depending on the door width, height, and load requirements. Our trusses are made of heavy-gauge, steel tubing with angle-iron webbing. The welded-steel trusses provide extra strength to control wind-load deflection when the door is closed. Further, they help the “dogleg” center hinge minimize deflection when the door is open. Bi-fold doors over 26′ wide receive full-width trussing in the middle of the top and bottom panels, plus the bottom truss, which holds the drive system. Smaller doors only require the bottom truss.

All of our single-panel hydraulic doors include a 2″ x 2″ exterior truss at door bottom full width.

Our standard Hi-Fold doors will meet wind loads up to 115mph. The standard wind load can be increased to meet local code requirements.


Welded-steel trusses withstand strongest wind loads